Installing and Upgrading the Windchill Extension Platform

The Windchill Extension Platform Installer

The extension platform enables Windchill administrators to install and uninstall extensions.

The installer is a standalone application.

Note: It is possible to install using the installer on a system which already has a extension platform installed without affecting already installed extensions.

This may be done to upgrade the kernel or to repair a damaged installation.

Installation procedure

First, download the platform installer from the Windchill Extension Center.

Login your PTC support account:


In the download dialog, select the correct Windchill version and click on “Manage Platform”:

file file

You can then download the installer or the update extension.

Note: All CPS and product configurations are supported.


The installer is a simple application:


You are only asked to agree to a license and confirm the location of the Windchill installation.


The installation process takes 1-2 minutes and can be run while Windchill is running. However, you will be asked to restart the servers after the installation is completed.


The installer is compatible with all operation systems.


Issue 1: Menus have no labels

After startup the menu labels are missing


On the first install the server will become available before the label are visible. This may take some minutes. Please wait for the following message in the server logs

Wex Startup Complete

Please ensure the server is fully started.

It the issues persist please send the logs of your system to

Issue 2: No GUI available to install

If your server does not have a GUI available to run the installer, you may use the -console as follows:


Java must be available to run the installer, and it is recommended to use a Windchill shell.

Note: The installer may also be run in unattended mode

Issue 3: No menus or duplicate menus

The menus are installed by the process of injecting XML into the files in this location


If these files have been corrupted making the XML unparseable or overwritten due to a customization the menus of the manager and extensions will not be present. Another cause of this is the installation of a Windchill update

Follow this instruction in this guide Extension Reinstallion Guide

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