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Various extensions will use a key map for an object.

The key can be used in the following way

Document Number ${number}

The following are available

Latest version: 1.3

Since version 1.3 all keys have been converted to support the xxx-yyy format but the older key without the hyphen still work as before to ensure no regression

Object Keys

Key Description
number Number of the object
name Name of the object
oid Unique id of the object
creator Full name of the creator
creator-id User id of the creator
modifier Full name of the last modifier
modifier-id User id of the last modifier
user Full name of current user
user-id User id of the current user
create-date Date of creation*
create-date-time Date and time of creation*
modify-date Last modified date*
modify-date-time Last modified date and time*
revision Revision e.g. A
iteration Current iteration
state-internal Internal state
state-display State display name
filename Filename of PDF
pbo-number Number of the seed business object e.g. Promotion
pbo-name Name of the seed business object e.g. Promotion
pbo-state-internal Internal state of the seed business object e.g. Promotion
pbo-state-display Internal state of the seed business object e.g. Promotion
context-name Name of context aka Container
context-desc Description of context aka Container

Instance Based Attributes

iba:[internal name] - String representation of value, multivalues will become a comma separated list

General Keys

Keys not associated with the object, but are system and extensions specific

Key Description
now-date Date now*
now-date-time Date and time now*
now-year Current year e.g. 2019
client-id PTC client id
client-name PTC Client Name

Task Keys

Key Description
task-userid User ID
task-fullname Full name
task-role Role
task-date Date of the action*
task-date-time Date and Time of the action*
task-vote Vote that user used
task-comments Comments
task-priority Priority
task-required Required
task-complete Complete
task-obj-number Process Object Number
task-obj-name Process Object Name
task-obj-type Process Object Type

Change Keys

Key Description
change-need-date Need Date
change-need-date-time Need Date and Time
change-resolved-date Resolved Date
change-resolved-date-time Resolved Date and Time
change-complexity Change Complexity

All date and time formats are typically set by the configurtion of the extension

If you require a new key, not shown here, please contact wincom support
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