[support] 00004 - System/Platform Issues: WEX manager and WEX shell

Author | Judith López

Version | 1.0

Updated | 19th Jan 2021

Categories | [support]

Applies to

All Windchill versions.


  • Manager does not appear
  • Wex Shell does not start


If the server has a completely damaged installation, download and install he latest Platform installer from the extension center.

It will always contains the latest version of the extension platform.

It will preserve any extensions that were previously installed.

It can be reinstalled over an existing server and will correct any issues.

In certain cases of a corrupted installation it may be necessary to use the platform removal tool. This would be when extensions themselves are reporting major failures, such as verification errors.

A server restart will be required.

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Published date: 19/01/2021 12:04PM
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