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Name Description
Name Watermark Server Manager
Version 1.2
ID wex-watermark-server-manager


Manages the servers that will be used to watermark, it is a supporting extension of the other watermark extensions.

Gives performance statistics and current availability.

This extensions will be automatically downloaded and installed as required.

Latest documentation for this extension is available here


  • Configures which servers will watermark
  • Shows status of all servers
  • Allows servers to be auto manually selected

User Guide

User Interface

This is an administrator only extension and has no user interface

Administrator Guide


This extension uses a cloud service or an on premise server to apply the watermark.


Server Status Monitor



There is one master server and multiple slave servers. Each slave server will register itself with the master server which will maintain a list of current servers. The user may chose to manual configure the server list.

It will use the current server list to show the availability of servers.

  • Address - The server address of the slave server
  • Status - Online or offline
  • Primary - The server that will be used, this determined by availability and response time
  • Quality - This calcluated using the ping response >150ms is poor
  • Response - Time for the server to respond to a ping
  • Processor - This indicates the number of simultaneous jobs this server will perform
  • Jobs - Number of jobs being processed
  • Type - A server can be decicate to a specific client or shared.
  • Message - Messages sent, typically indicates a non-functioning server

Note: The time it takes for a server to watermark is dependent on network performance and the size of the PDF to watermark.

If you cannot access the Wincom cloud servers it may due to be network restrictions for your Windchill server

You can download and install one of many local servers, the installation and download guide is here

Template Keys

These are keys that can be substituted in a template.

A template can show any of the follow keys or custom keys may be added

Standard keys

Key Description
wexversion Version of extension that made the request
wexhasexpired If the extensiosn has expired
wexid ID of the extension
wmaction Action e.g. download, overwrite
template Template used to watermark

For how to configure the templates further, please read the Watermark Templates Configuration




The watermark is applied by an external server and this may be on the cloud or on-premise.

There is a master server that is used to manager the actual watermark servers that are available. It can automatically provide a list of available servers to the extension.

However the user may chose to specify a list of servers manually.

  • List of emails - These users will recieve warning messages if the watermarking is failing (only for advanced)
  • Get server list from master server - Will request a list of available servers from master
  • Master watermark server - Address of master
  • Max time in ms to wait for server response - The server that will be used, this determined by availability and response time
  • Time to recheck for server status (minutes) - Time to check server status, which is used to determine the primary server to use to watermark
  • Watermark Conversion Servers - The manual list of available server (only used if master server is not used)
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