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Name Description
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-repexport-plus
Name Representation Export Plus
Version 1.2


The objective of this extension is to allow for the export of published representations of objects quickly and easily. The export can be executed for a single or a collection of representables through the User Interface, triggered by an event or using a workflow robot. In addition the export is available from the search results.

The results of the export will either be saved to a folder on the server or presented as a direct download to the user. A single XML meta data file will also be generated for each exported object which includes attributes of the representation and its representable. The behaviour of the export can be configured by the administrator through the use of configurable options.

The plus version also includes features to save the export as a document and send it as an email to a list of predefined users.


  • Exports the Representations from 1 or more objects
  • Supports Promotion Request and Change Objects
  • Exports XML meta data file for each Representation.
  • Export results can be saved to a server location or downloaded locally as a zip
  • Provides two workflow robots for triggering export for a Promotion Request or a Change Notice.
  • Adds a “Representation Export” UI Actions to the menus and search results
  • Adds Event Listener for Set State Event on Change Notices and Promotion Requests.
  • Can be fully configured by the Administrator
  • Creates a Document with the result of the export as primary content
  • Sends an e-mail with the created Document to a list of recipients

User Guide

See the standard extension documentation for the standard guide.

The extension now can save the result as a document and additionally send a link to that document to a predefined list of users by email.




Option Description
Email Recipients List of all the recipients of the email. If this is set, Role email Recipients will be ignored
Email from address The address shown as the sender of the email
Email Subject The subject of the Email
Email Recipients with specific role Select a role to email all of its members. If email Recipients is set, this option will be ignored

Generated Document


Option Description
Container of the generated Document The container that will contain the enerated Document
Folder of the generated Document The folder that will contain the generated Document
Type of the generated Document The type that the generated Document will have
Use default Document number Use this option if the custom OIR that is used does not create a number for the Document

Release Notes


* Added folder select export
* Fixed export issue
* Added new option to export only what is in the collection
* Added state validator for collection menu


* Initial release


* Initial release
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