Managing the Windchill Extension Platform


The platform can be installed on a clean Windchill system and then upgraded using either the installer or a dynamic update that requires no server restart.

The installer is an external program that is used to install a new extension platform or upgrade a system and requires a system restart.

A dynamic update is done by installing an extension.


The platform has no explicit version it takes it major version from the version of the kernel installed.


Over time the system extensions that provide features may be upgraded automatically independently of the kernel.

The installer version always follows this pattern

 Platform Version: X.X.Y
	 where X.X is the kernel version
	 and Y represents the system version

Therefore a 1.1.2 installer will install 1.1 of the kernel with version 2 of the system.

file A new kernel version will require a system restart, however a system upgrade can be done dynamically by either installing a new extensions (that will automatically update the system) or by downloading and installing the latest system update extension.

Refer to the platform release notes for information on the latest releases

Installing and Upgrading

Installing the platform

The installer is an external program that is used to install a new extension platform or upgrade a system.

The installer may be re-installed over an existing implementation at any time however the latest installer downloaded from the extensions center should always be used.

Installation procedure

Upgrading the platform

The platform can be updated using the following procedure

Platform update procedure

Removing the platform

The platform maybe completely removed from a Windchill system using the following procedure

Platform removal procedure

Which extensions cannot be removed?

Any Windchill System Extension

Managing the extension configuration

Each extension has a configuration UI, the configuration data is store in a document in the site area


If these documents are deleted the system will automatically recreate them. This is a method to “reset” the extension to its default settings.

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