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Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-coversheet
Name Coversheet
Version 1.0


This extension allows to add cover and/or trailing sheet at the beginning/end of a PDF document. This is often required when your PDF are distributed outside of your organization, as a typical use case consists in sending documents to regulation organizations: adding a cover sheet provides an audit trail of approval on a specific date for the PDF.

This extension provides one example template that is configurable: Titles and document properties, header/footer, images (logos), tables of workflow users (approvers, reviewers…). The cover/trailing sheet can have multiple pages.


  • Adds a cover or trailing Sheet to a PDF
  • Generic template with configurable fields
  • Available on demand or configurable on a workflow
  • Multiple pages possible
  • Standard page formats available
  • Can be tailored to company standard
  • Includes data from the object, business process or system information
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