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Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-change-analysis
Name Change Analysis
Version 1.0
Minimum Platform 1.3


The extension is designed to assist the users in post analyzing the effect of a Change.

Changes can make many types of alterations to Structures and Parts and although this information is available by looking at the before and after views it is not easy to interpret. This extension uses an innovative approach of combining the before and after data into a single view and adding visual clues to show quickly and easily the changes that have been made.


  • Adds a menu on Change Task and Change Notice.
  • Combines a tree table displaying both the before changes (affected) and the after changes (resulting) on the same tree.
  • Marks the changes with simple and easy-to-understand icons and annotations to illustrate the modifications that occurred, for example: Added, Removed, Revised, Substitution, Attribute Change, Quantity Change, Occurrence Change.
  • If an item is within a change process, it will be indicated on the table.
  • Applies to Part, CAD and Document.
  • View is fully exportable.

User Guide


The Windchill PDMLink Change Analysis Tool is a new way for engineers to understand exactly what happened to the affected and resulting items in a change. It is available as an annotated tree view of the product structure indicating the revise, add, remove and moves that took place for each part. It combines the before and after views and uses icons and annotations to highlight the modifications. It is an intuitive and easy to understand the visual representation of the changes including substitutions.

Adding the UI

The user interface can be added to a Change Notice or a change, there are two options

  • Change Analysis
  • Before and After Views

These are new tabs that can be added to the change


All change tables show the standard options to expand or collapse the tree


The items that have not changed can be hidded with the following control


Change Analysis

The change analysis tree is a combined tree table, meaning that it displays both the before changes (affected) and the after changes (resulting) on the same tree. It will mark changes with icons and annotations to illustrate the modifications that occurred. Changes are shown to 1 item level but will include all substitutions.


Before and After Views

These are separated views showing the changed from the perspective of the system before the change occurred and afterwards. This is can make it easier to analyze complex changes.


Understand the change icons

Where found

The icons are used to quickly identify the type of changes the first set is to denote where the item has been found in the change



After this the next information is if the item has beed added, remove or left unchanged



Finally various changes are detected.


The tool tips on these icon will show the detail of the change


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